Released in November 2012, the American Knight: Preview issue introduced the American Knight character  to the world in a single-issue story. 

The preview issue was exclusively released at that year's Akron Comic Con in order to see how it would be received. It garnered an extremely positive reception, encouraging Rick and Jason to expand the character, his backstory and his motivations.

Now that American Knight #1 is finished, Rick has been working to "restore" and update the preview issue with all new artwork and dialogue. Who knows? Maybe the preview issue will make a suprise appearance at next years Akron Comicon... 


Issue #1 ("Weapons of War") is the first official installment of American Knight. This issue has the been the culmination of over three years of dedication, planning and hard work by an increadibly talented team of artists, writers, and editors, many of whom were diehard comics and pop culture fans long before signing on to work on the book.

The Weapons of War story arc delves into Knight's origins, his past, and his ultimate quest to redeem himself and reclaim the sense of honor he once had as a solider in the United States military. The story, written by Jason Fitch, is a gripping tale of loss, regret, perserverance and redemption. Primary artist and creator, Rick Lozano returns once more, supported by inker Scott Shriver and colorist Chris Hebert.


Obviously we can't say much about this issue until Issue #1 has been released, but we can tell you that this issue will definitely increase the "wow" factor 10 times over. New characters, both allies and enemies alike, will be introduced, in addition to the continuation of the first issue's action-packed storyline.

Stay tuned for more details! And remember... "KNIGHT IS COMING!"